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How not to be a tourist when visiting London

How not to be a tourist when visiting London

How not to be a “tourist” when visiting London

Do you really want everyone to know that you are a “tourist” during your vacation in London?london
You are planning a wonderful vacation to one of the most desired cities in the world, and the most frequented city anywhere in the world. So I’m sure you are wondering how to deal with locals without seeming too much like an actual tourist. Often you will have a better time if you don’t stand out.

The first thing you will want to do is keep a low profile during your stay. While vacationing in London you will want to act like one of the locals versus being loud and drawing attention to yourself. Keep your distance from other tourists who definitely show what they are. Stay away from loud crowds and enjoy what the city has to offer. If you fit in with the locals they will welcome you with open arms and show you things that you may never have had the chance to see otherwise. One thing that you never want o do is talk about how your country is better than theirs. If you act stuck up or as though you are better than them the first impression won’t get you far.

You will notice that the living styles and general daily life is different from yours which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You are on vacation so enjoy the different atmosphere and all the different things that London has to offer. If you are interested in finding out more information about London such as the best restaurants, and attractions talk to locals politely and your requests will more than likely be fulfilled.

Take the time to get to know the locals in London. There is a huge variety of cultures to be found and explored in London. Many of the Londoner’s come from the Middle East, India, and the Caribbean. It can be exciting to learn about new cultures including how they dress, the dishes they eat, and different types of events that they are involved in. You may notice people conversing in a language other than English but that does not mean they aren’t from London. Many of the people in London can speak more than one language and often several. In London you will also find quite a bit of differences when it comes to religions as many individuals move from all over the world to reside here.

Try dressing like a local during your vacation. This will not only help you to fit in but will also make you feel as though you really belong there for the duration of your stay. Most individuals dress casually so changing your style a bit shouldn’t be too hard.

One thing you may want to do to prepare yourself for a trip to London is to learn how to speak their language. Even though many will speak English the terminology may be a bit different. The words such as “mobile” for cell phone or “lift” for elevator are just a couple may that you encounter. By studying their lingo in advance you will be able to converse well with them. Some words may come off sounding offensive but have totally different definitions than what you may think so don’t jump to conclusions. One tip to keep in mind is to never fake an English accent as locals may think you are making fun of them.

Play it cool and enjoy your vacation.