Visit Chichester

The city of Chichester is an amazing place to visit for relaxation and historical purposes

There are four main streets in Chichester which include the West, South, North, and East which are all packed with restaurants, businesses, shops, and other hang outs. If you are one for holiday cheer you will enjoy the giant Christmas tree that is always placed at the centre of the city by the Rotary club. Bright Christmas lights will brighten up the town during your visit. Make sure to check out the Christmas marketplace which will be selling different kinds of warm snacks.



Chichester houses some of the best home-grown shops from anywhere’s close to the city. Some recommended places vary from one street to the next. On the North Street you should visit The Orchard Tearoom, The Cornish Pastry Factory, a beloved sweet shop known as the Bah! Humbug and the buttermarket.

On the South Street you should make sure to visit The Surf Grill Shack, and the Toywizz. On the East Street visit the Montezuma’s organic chocolate factory and on the West Street make sure to drop in at The Edinburgh Woolen Mill.


Leisure Activities

Many individuals enjoy visiting the Chichester Gate leisure complex which is near the southern gate. You will find something here for someone of all ages including the Cineworld Cinema, the Premier Travel Inn, Cannons, a bowling alley, and several other fun places including restaurants and shopping centers.

The Priority Park will be the perfect place to spend a quiet evening with your family having a lovely picnic. The park is a large green area with a big playground and is known for being where the bailey castle once stood. There is also a museum located on the property for those history buffs or those who want their children to have a history lesson mixed in with playtime.

The playground is conveniently broken up into two areas for young children and a separate are for older kids. You may use one of the many picnic benches to dine or use the grassy areas. Observe a cricket game while eating.


The Market Cross

market cross chichester

On Wednesday or Saturday you may choose to go to the cattle market which hosts a number of stalls. Here you can purchase a variety of fresh meats, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables or a selection of yummy desserts. You can find almost anything here that you would need or want including electronics such as ipods.

You will still find the Chichester’s roots attached to the cattle market. You may take notice of the metal rings on the eastern side where hundreds of years ago cattle were tethered.


If you ever have the chance to visit Chichester you must check out the historical cathedral. The grounds are open to the public almost every day of the week and have tons of places to eat. You may choose to eat in the garden, or in the café inside of the cathedral. Children love the cathedral and for families it makes wonderful photos to cherish in your scrapbooks. At certain times during the year you may be able to visit the spire.

If you plan on visiting Chichester and staying, check out the available accommodation. Check out the Crouchers Country Hotel while you are there.


Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

If you are looking for Chichetser restaurants, please have a look at Chichester Restaurant, they hold some good information on the better restaurants in Chichester. For bars and pubs, please see our businesses page.

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